The North American Festival

Rock The Bells presents "The North American Festival" Series 2007 Edition.
The Tour treks from Boston to Detroit, starts July 26th and ends August 29th. They announce 13 Additional Tour Dates with hip hop icons like Wu-Tang, Nas, Cypress Hill, Mos Def, Talib Kwely, UGK, MOP, Pharaohe Monch, Doom, Immortal Technique, JMTricks & more.

. Rock The Bells

Alife new Bugged Tee

Alife just release their new Tee shirts "Bugged Tee" in red, white, heather, royal blue & black color.

158 Rivington Street, NYC
NY 10002 TEL: (212)3758116
Monday / Friday: 11AM - 7PM
Saturday: 11AM - 8PM
Sunday: 12 NOON - 7PM

THE WARRIORS Invade Long Island

THE WARRIORS Invade Long Island City, NY on August 16th at 9pm!

The Creek and Cave 10-91 Jackson Ave., Long Island City NYC
Tripadelic Pleasure Night - Outdoor Movie at 9pm
Drink Specials and Rock Soul Groove tunes
Exploitation flicks all night in the Bar

Warriors, come out to play-i-ay!

Simpsons x Vans

For the upcoming Simpsons movie, Vans have brought together twelve artists to colaborate on a series of Simpsons inspired.
We can find David Flores, Futura, Gary Panter, Geoff McFetridge, Kaws, Mr Cartoon, Neckface, Sam Messer, Stash, Taka Hayashi, Todd James and Tony Munoz.
These come out on July 14th in limited edition.

. Vans
. The Simpsons movie

Madlib, Beat Konducta Vol.3

Madlib presents the 3th Volume of the serie "Beat Konducta".
"I leant Madlib $335 for a plane ticket to India so he could make all these beats, and I ain't seen him since. Won't return my calls & shit. If you see him, ask what's up. "
- Taken from Quasimoto

Madlib "Beat Konducta Vol.3" out now, on sale at FatBeats
CD vol.3-4 coming in August.

. Madlib
Listen the vinyl here

NWA, most dangerous fitted cap

An Bioworld tribute: "The N.W.A. MOST DANGEROUS fitted cap".
This baseball cap features an all over print of the Compton guys: Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Easy-E, Mc Ren and Dj Yella.

An another tribute to the "E" 64Ragtop by Mike Jones feat Lil Eazy E, Bun B & Snoop Dogg in this video clip.

. Bioworld

Ghostride the whip

Cars driven by ghosts, dumb, drunk and energy, Peter Spirer presents his new documentary "Ghostride The Whip, the story of the Hyphy movement".
Here the movie trailer:

. Hyphy Movement
Mistah F.A.B - Ghost Ride it | video clip

Skate All Cities x The Seventh Letter

Skate All Cities and The Seventh Letter crew will be attending an art show in Barcelona, from July 1st to 11th, entitled "Letter's First".
They would like to connect with any skaters/writers that can show spots.
200 shirts and many goodies were produced for this travel.

. Skate All Cities
. Known Gallery

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

An amazing hand play on the daft punk theme.

Kanye West - Stronger | video clip

Made For Skate

The Old Truman Brewery gallery in London presents from the June 22nd to July 6th the exhibition Made For Skate, devoted has the history of the skateboard through of many sneakers, skateboards, photographs and more.
The artist Todd Bratrud has made a special design for this exhibition, limited to 50 shirts & posters.

Made For Skate
The Old Truman Brewery
95 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
June 22nd to July 6th
Opening Hours - 11am to 6pm
Free Entrance

. Made For Skate

Nike x Roger Federer

Nike have created special ranges of apparel, footwear and accessories for the great tennis player Roger Federer, in the simplistic and minimal theme of Wimbledon.

. Nike
Source: SlamXHype

Heaven knows I'm miserable now !

Photos of everyday life, often not very well framed or against the light, photos of trips, of meetings, of friendship... Photos without big interest, free and just witnesses of a time past. The idea is simple, gather and present on a same page some portfolios of friends.

"Heaven knows I'm miserable now !"
A small selection of polaroids
Photos by: Jérémie.E, Nicolas.P, Marco.B, Aurélien.A, Joe83, Yonatan.T, Lucas.H, Sam.F, Landry.A

. je suis une bande de jeunes

Beastie Boys, Sonar 2007

Thursday june the 14th and Friday the 15th the Beastie Boys were playing at the Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona. The 1st show was instrumental with the great presence of the keyboards player Money Mark. Many songs of "The In sound from way out" and the new album "The Mix-up" have been played the first night. The Second night, they gave to the people what they wanted, Classics.

. Beastie Boys
. Sonar

Chrome Children Vol.2

After the free album of Madlib and Talib Kweli "Liberation", the Stone Throw label repeats with the second volume of compilation Chrome Children.

16 new Tracks: Madlib, Guilty Simpson, Percee P, James Pants, Aloe Blacc & more
Available until February 28.

. Chrome Children
. Stone Throw

Go Skateboarding Day: June 21

More than twenty million skateboarders all riding at the same time!
"On June 21 skateboarders around the globe will celebrate the pure exhilaration, creativity, and spirit of one of the most influential activities in the world by blowing off all other obligations to go skateboarding!"

See the PDF here
. Go Skateboarding

What Barry says

Here an animation to the polemic written by Barry Mc Namara, directed & producted by Knife Party.
"Whether you agree with the politics or not, it’s a pretty visually stunning presentation…"
- Taken from Misteraven

Source: 12 OZ Prophet

Turbo Vandals

The Turbo Vandals's space represents an black and white graffiti world, some dope action pictures and dripping silver tags.

. Turbo Vandals

Jean Spezial's new serigraphy

The French artists collective Jean Spezial presents their new serigraphy limited to 50 handsigned and numbered.
. Chemist 20"x24" contact

. Jean Spezial world
. Jean Spezial space

Angela Boatwright

Angela Boatwright was born on May 20, 1975 in Columbus, Ohio.
After years of freelancing, shooting everyone from Method Man to Rachel Weisz for magazines ranging from XXL to Jane, she took on the role of Director of Photography at the graffiti/culture magazine Mass Appeal.
In the Spring of 2004 Angela traded her position as Director of Photography to Special Projects Director for Mass Appeal thus freeing up some time and allowing her to create her newest company, Killer of Giants.

. Angela Boatwright
. Killer of Giants

Nike SB MF Doom

"Here are pictures of an upcoming MF Doom x Nike Dunk High SB slated to be released in the future. The sneakers which are designed by Frenel feature a gray and black upper. The front toe box is comprised of ostrich leather and the shoe is highlighted throughout with 3M accents. The shoe also features lace locks, a clear sole, Doom embroidery on the lace flap and Doom artwork on the insole. Stay tuned for more details."
- Taken from Eugene Kan

. Skate Here
Source: HypeBeast

Hip hop video clips: The Fresh Online

Check out The Fresh Online, a new hip hop video website. It just started up, but it looks pretty promising. A good selection of hip hop videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Guba and so on.

. The Fresh Online

Xposed Bags

Fred & Friends presents a new line of bags that subtly reveals the real
you, as well as your beer, brass knuckle and snub-nose revolver.
Xposed comes in three styles: a handy zip-close cosmetic bag, a shoulder bag for your everyday stuff and a grocery tote.

. Fred & Friends

Dirt Ollies: A skateboarding trip to Mongolia

A group of eleven professional skateboarders flies for a one month adventure to the heart of asia, being accompanied by photographers and cinematographers. The shock that the goal of the trip, a fantastic Skateboardpark in the middle of Ulaanbaatar, got torn down three weeks before departure did not last long. New ramps were built, social projects and a show were organized. The city was being discovered by skateboard.

The Dirt Ollies Limited Edition box contain the book, the dvd, a skateboard and signed photograph.
The entire edition is limited to worldwide 35 pieces only and is exclusively available in Carhartt stores and from 25 Books in Berlin.

. Carhartt
. 25 Books
. Bildschoene-Buecher

Alife Sessions, Bun B & Friends

On Saturday May 12th 2007, Alife once again hosted Alife Sessions, a private concert series, this time featuring Bun B & Friends: Fab 5 Freddy, Talib Kweli, Papoose, Dj Kay Slay and Grafh.
A full length video will be available for download in the upcoming weeks.
For now, watch the two minute preview:

. Alife

Obey skeleton hand buckle

Pimp Slap belt by Obey. Matte black skeleton hand buckle with metallic gold Obey lettering on the knuckles and black 100% full grain leather belt.

. Obey Clothing

Double Brim Caps

Here’s a look at the latest GoodFoot hat samples. The brim opens up to expose an array of tooth to represent a shark with eyes on the side. First idea was to have New Era design but they weren’t interested so they went to China to make this funny cap.
"New Era didnt want to do them for us, so we thought China would like a few of our dollars."
- Taken from Matt George

First round samples, more to come!

. GoodFoot
. Matt George
Source: HypeBeast & Matt George

Xplicit Grafx Issue 3.5

writers world watch

Graffiti magazine, 140 pages
New Issue 3.5 Out on June 25th
SEB fmk, NECRO tma, ROCKS, [...]BGS Subways, Copenhagen Street & Trains.

. XG Press

Duffed Out Promo

DUFFED OUT is a full service design, art promotion and consulting firm established in 2005.
Here their new promotional video clip:

. Duffed Out

Bill Charles represents Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore was interested in photography from an early age. Self-taught, he received a photographic darkroom kit at age six. He began to use a 35mm camera three years later and made his first color photographs. At ten he received a copy of Walker Evans's book, American Photographs, which influenced him greatly. At age seventeen Shore met Andy Warhol and began to frequent Warhol's studio, the Factory, photographing Warhol and the creative people that surrounded him. In 1972 Shore embarked on a series of cross-country trips and "on the road" photographs of the American landscape.

. Bill Charles represents
. Stephen Shore

Jazzmatazz Vol.4

Many talented friends also come through on Jazzmatazz Vol.4 to bless the record and be a part of its tradition. Slum Village, Common, Blackalicious, among many others lend their unique voices and styles to record. “Stand Up (Some Things’ll Never Change)” features Damian Marley, one of the joint’s stand out tracks that helps to set the whole project ablaze.

State of Clarity - "Fritz The Cat video clip" Guru, Common & Bob James
Jazzmatazz Vol.4 will be released in early 2007
Produced by Solar.

. Jazzmatazz

Nasty NAS, hip hop is alive in Tlse

Tuesday June 18 in Toulouse,
NAS has presented yesterday night a good range of its repertory.
Dope but short!

. Havana Café

ANP Quarterly Issue 7

"A new arts magazine published by RVCA which will focus on a broader sense of art and community. The idea behind this endeavor is to make a magazine that will educate and inform openly and without the social or financial restrictions that plague many publications today and contribute more often than not to the "same old thing" again and again. Our goal is not to focus on current events or "who's hot" but rather to bring forward people and phenomena that deserve acknowledgement and coverage regardless of their place in time. For as long as we can make it happen, this magazine will be completely free and without advertising. We are beholden to nobody, save our own conscience, RVCA included. ANP Quarterly will be distributed around the world through galleries, bookstores, clothing and record shops."
- Taken from the editors' letter in issue 1

. ANP Quarterly
. Issue 7

Frank151, French Edition Launches

Frank 151 started off in 1999 as a school assignment to create an original publication. The creation of a pocket sized book of high quality was the idea and its founders have achieved something very special since then, creating a new platform for creatives and companies, many of which have their roots in the streetculture. Nowadays Frank 151 still sticks to the same principles that they had since day one and you will only find the book/magazine in independent stores, that have similar ideas than the ones the magazine wants to communicate.

Now we are in 2007 and Frank 151 opens a new chapter, after also recently opening their first retail outlet in New York City, Frank's Chop Shop. Frank 151 launches their French Edition. Expect the same quality material, but with the European flavor. Once again the magazine can only be picked up at selected locations - expect it to pop up at stores such as Lazy Dog, Colette, Black Rainbow, Starcow and others.

The first French Edition is designed like a French Champaign Bottle - we could not imagine a better idea. A few weeks ago we were in Paris and had the pleasure of reading the first issue and one can only congratulate the French team, as they really managed to create their very own Frank 151.

. Frank151 US Frank151 FRANCE
Source: High Snobiety

Pixacao, Sao Paulo Signature

Out Now!
Despite laws,‘pixações’ have invaded São Paulo. A true calligraphic shock,that has caused a deep aesthetic transformation of the city. Through more than 125 photos taken at the core of the Brazilian megalopolis as well as a detailed analysis of the phenomenon,
‘São Paulo Signature’deciphers for the very first time an unparalleled graphic universe, strictly reserved to initiates before today.

. Photography exhibition for launching
Palais de Tokyo bookshop, Paris on May 15
. Photography exhibition for launching
Montana Gallery , Barcelona on May 5

Book already available on: All City /FRANCE Amazon /WORLD
Title Pixação: São Paulo Signature, Author François Chastanet
Size 19,5 x 26 cm Hard cover 280 pages 125 colour photographs,85 black & white illustrations Texts François Chastanet & foreword by Steven Heller
ISBN 978-2-9528097-1-9 (English language)

Official release date: April 2007

See the PDF here
. XG press