Faces of skateboarding

The Swedish photographer Daniel Månsson travelled for two years to complete this 160 pages book, features the people that built the skateboard culture. See a series of 50portraits capturing some of the worlds most influential skateboarders, such as: Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Jason Lee, Eric Koston, Tom Penny & more.

. Faces of skateboarding
. Daniel Månsson

Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes

"Post-Punk, Cold Wave et Culture Novö en France 1978-1983"

"On the remains of the wave punk, and parallel to the music as disco, funk, ska and reggae, is developing in France, between the late 70's and mid 80's, a prolific music scene and chaotic involving energy rock, punk nihilism and electronic experiments."

Around this scene which, though qu'effervescente and very productive at the time, has so far been little documented, the exhibit Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes is the opportunity to discover many documents and exclusive new images of Marquis de Sade, Elli et Jacno, Artefact, Taxi Girl, Marie et les Garçons, Mathématiques Modernes, Etienne Daho, Lio, Suicide Roméo, Electric Callas, Modern Guy, Tokow Boys, Casino Music, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Jad Wio, Kas Product, Edith Nylon, Metal Boys/Metal Urbain, Charles de Goal, Messageros Killers Boys, Norma Loy, Guerre Froide, A 3 dans les WC & more ...

Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes
3 April / 17 May 2008
Galerie du jour Agnès b.
44 rue Quincampoix, Paris

. Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes
. Galerie du jour
. Agnès b.

Le le - Breakfast

Video for Le le's hitsong "Breakfast" directed by Parra.

. Le le
. Parra


Marion Bataille, graphic and book designer from Paris, has created this great and innovate typographical project named "ABC3D".
Edited by Roaring Brook Press, this pop-up book will be release in October 2008, i'm really eager to see it for real!

. Roaring Brook Press

Bomb the Bass - Butterfingers

The electronic English band Bomb the Bass, release this amazing music video clip "Butterfingers", taken from "Future Chaos" and directed by Perish Factory.

. Bomb the Bass

Vintage Logos

Check out this collection of Vintage Logos from a mid-70's edition of the book "World of Logotypes".

Source: BlogXprime

. Vintage Logos album

ANPQuarterly Issue 9

This 9th issue marked two years of ANPQuarterly publishing.

"... And actually, the thing in this issue about Wildfire Wildfire and the current state of underground art music in Baltimore fits into this pattern as well as does the New York Art Book Fair, and the artwork and DIY approach of Mark McCoy and his notorious hardcore record label Youth Attack, both of which are included in this issue as well. Huh. But then again, we're giving space to artists Ashley Macomber and Leigh LeDare, both of whom are just warming up in the world, but have so so much more to come and we're beyond honored to have them in here. And there's more..."

. ANPQuarterly


Mike Vallely, the skateboarder of legend from the first Bones Brigade, release on his YouTube channel: "Sponsored", the documentary film about himself.

"Documented here in 35 minutes of videotaped gems, confessions, and testimonials, SPONSORED is an inspiring and pure chronicle that creates a vivid mosaic of people Mike V has touched, people he's been touched by, and the man himself."

. Mike Vallely

Lou intime

French Playboy edit starring the famous french actress and model Lou Doillon.
The daughter of Jane Birkin & half-sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg, delivers us its charms, captured by the lens of Takis Bibelas.

. Takis Bibelas
. Charlotte Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - La décadence

The Big Valley

Michael Hoppen Gallery will hosting the upcoming Alex Prager' exhibition titled "The Big Valley", from 01.05.08 to 07.06.08 in London.

"Cinematic and darkly playful The Big Valley is a series of highly saturated staged portraits by Los Angeles based artist, Alex Prager ...
... Prager photographs her female subjects in a style reminiscent of the great mid 20th Century film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Douglas Sirk."

More infos

. Alex Prager
. Michael Hoppen Gallery

Willy Northpole - Body Marked Up

Willy Northpole' new single "Body Marked Up"(World Premiere) from DTP, directed by Artemus Jenkins.

. Willy Northpole

Riz MC - People Like People

5000 pics in 3 minutes sent in by fans, friends & friends of friends.

. Riz MC

Xplicit Grafx 3.8

The new issue 3.8 of Xplicit Grafx is out and as been improved with 8 more pages and contains 80 Wholecars.
Interview with Gues SDK from Paris and MUL crew from Chicago.
Specials with ZOOW 24 from Milan, Catania Subways and last but not least the return of the infamous "Silver Bullets" section, dedicated to Wholecars.

. Xplicit Grafx

Something Old, Something New...

Marella Gallery hosts the exhibition "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" with Barry McGee, Ryan McGinley, Clare E. Rojas, Raymond Pettibon, Mike Mills, Ed Templeton, Ari Marcopoulos, Phil Frost, Deanna Templeton & Matt Leines., 21 February until the end of March in Milano.

Primo Marella Gallery
Via Lepontina,8 - Milano
February 21 - March 2008

. RVCA ANP quartely

Agathe Snow presents Stamina 2008, a free week long dance marathon from March 9th to 16th at the Park Avenue Armory.

Source: NYglob

. Stamina 2008
. SteadFastAssociates

La Pequeña Amy Winehouse

Chris Haslam

United By Fate Part2

Almost round 3

Thao Nguyen - Bag of hammers

Music video for Thao with The Get Down Stay Down, release on Kill Rock Stars and directed by Clyde Petersen & Forrest Baum.

. Thao with The Get Down Stay Down

Out of Mind

Shawn Mortensen's presents his new exhibition "Out of Mind", tonight at Max Fish Gallery, NYC.

. Shawn Mortensen's

Max Fish Gallery
Thursday, March 6th
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
178 Ludlow Street
NYC 10002

History of Breakdance

I don't know if you have ever seen this video before, it's simply fucking awesome!

Concept: Christian Breitschmid & Milija Kovacevic
Director: Idee, Thomas Naumann & Jeremias Boettcher
Photography: Uros Djurovic
geschmiert von: Seter, Ratio, Rtar, Gate, Esher, Dexter, Brom, Idee, Mathias Wermke, Richard Schwarz
Music: Jazalou & Lockefella

Fucking Awesome

Etnies release the "Fucking Awesome" shoe collab with Jason Dill and for this occasion, the latter delivers us a book of 56 pages, containing several of his photographs.

Download the PDF version

. Jason Dill
. Etnies

Justice - DVNO

New music video clip for Jusctice from the French label EdBanger.
Directed one more time by So Me.

. Jusctice
. So Me
. EdBanger