Derringer cycles

"The Derringer Cycles, named for the pocket-size old pistol, is a cross between a 1920s board track motorcycle and a bike. It can pedaled like a bike or ride like a motorcycle, but with only 150 m.p.g ! Created and designed by Adrian Van Anz, he said that its a missing link between his old Schwinn and his Ducati. It require no motorcycle license or insurance.- Those Derringer bikes are hand made with a huge choice of 250 colors, all with hand-riveted leather Brooks seat and each bike take a month to build."

Source: Cyanatrendland
. Derringer cycles

Dan martensen

Dan martensen was born and raised in Pleasantville New York.
Involved in the arts since childhood, he picked up a camera at age 12.
Here you can see some sample of his portfolio and the last Shannan click pics for Hobo Magazine.

. Dan martensen