THE WARRIORS Invade Long Island

THE WARRIORS Invade Long Island City, NY on August 16th at 9pm!

The Creek and Cave 10-91 Jackson Ave., Long Island City NYC
Tripadelic Pleasure Night - Outdoor Movie at 9pm
Drink Specials and Rock Soul Groove tunes
Exploitation flicks all night in the Bar

Warriors, come out to play-i-ay!

Simpsons x Vans

For the upcoming Simpsons movie, Vans have brought together twelve artists to colaborate on a series of Simpsons inspired.
We can find David Flores, Futura, Gary Panter, Geoff McFetridge, Kaws, Mr Cartoon, Neckface, Sam Messer, Stash, Taka Hayashi, Todd James and Tony Munoz.
These come out on July 14th in limited edition.

. Vans
. The Simpsons movie

Madlib, Beat Konducta Vol.3

Madlib presents the 3th Volume of the serie "Beat Konducta".
"I leant Madlib $335 for a plane ticket to India so he could make all these beats, and I ain't seen him since. Won't return my calls & shit. If you see him, ask what's up. "
- Taken from Quasimoto

Madlib "Beat Konducta Vol.3" out now, on sale at FatBeats
CD vol.3-4 coming in August.

. Madlib
Listen the vinyl here

NWA, most dangerous fitted cap

An Bioworld tribute: "The N.W.A. MOST DANGEROUS fitted cap".
This baseball cap features an all over print of the Compton guys: Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Easy-E, Mc Ren and Dj Yella.

An another tribute to the "E" 64Ragtop by Mike Jones feat Lil Eazy E, Bun B & Snoop Dogg in this video clip.

. Bioworld

Ghostride the whip

Cars driven by ghosts, dumb, drunk and energy, Peter Spirer presents his new documentary "Ghostride The Whip, the story of the Hyphy movement".
Here the movie trailer:

. Hyphy Movement
Mistah F.A.B - Ghost Ride it | video clip