Neon Bible interactive music video

"Canadian indie band Arcade Fire have revealed the hidden meaning behind their recently uploaded website, in the form of the first music video for their second album Neon Bible released in March of this year. The video for the title track is fully interactive and consists of vocalist Win Butler's head reciting the song, while his hands go through various actions which can be controlled by the user."

Take a look here !

Source: LifeLounge
. ArcadeFire

Small, Medium, and Large

Elms Lesters gallery take home some pieces in a trio of sizes from some of their favorite artists: “Small, Medium, and Large” group show featuring art by Adam Neate, Anthony Lister, Dalek, Delta, Futura, Jose Parla, Mark Dean Veca, Phil Frost, Ron English, Space Invader, Stash and WK Interact.

Source: SuperTouch
. Elms Lesters