Write here... right now

Part of a campaign to promote writing on designated graffiti walls rather than someone elses property.

. ForTheLoveOfType

Chadwick Tyler x The Supreme Models

Chadwick Tyler new photos serie of The Supreme Models for spring season.

Source: FotoDecadent
. Chadwick Tyler
. SupremeManagement

Notwist - where in this world

This video clip taken from the Notwist last album "The Devil, You + Me".
Directed by Markus Wambsganss.

Info: Justine
. Notwist

Spaced Out

Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties

The full-color over-sized book features a stunning collection of 450 photographs and color illustrations of geodesic domes, elaborate trailers, tree-houses from the psychedelic 60's.

Source: CoolHunting
. Spaced Out


Yesterday, friend of a friend showed me this video clip made from an 8mm film which he purchased in Barcelona. The 8mm have this magic to transform images in dreams... I'm under the charm.
The music is signed word salad.

. svartsyn-svartsyn
. word salad

Recycled Words

I rescue, salvage, and recycle other people’s words

"Browsing through garage sales, street markets and used bookstores I search for interesting, preferably discarded, old books. When I find a good candidate I explore every page. Like an archeologist I hunt for the words that speak to me with new meaning. Intuitively, one word at a time, they turn into a kind of haiku or philosophical poetry that I can call my own.
At some unpredictable point along the way, in my mind, the images start to invent themselves. Using colored vellums, graphite and or India ink to highlight or obscure my words; I create the image of that invention. Though I strive to make each document visually engaging I find it is the words that I value most.
The majority of this work comes from several different copies of The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson printed from 1887 to 1927. Something about working with these pages quietly reminds me that a part of our culture is about recycling ideas."
_Taken from Will Ashford

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. Will Ashford


"Displacements is an immersive film installation by Michael Naimark. He filmed 3 people in an archetypal Americana living room. The camera was standing in the middle of the room and rotated sowly. Afterwards he spray-painted the whole room white and placed a projector at the same spot of the camera. The result is a strange augmented reality effect. He did this for the first time back in 1980, this version is from 2005."

Here is a clip that you probably remember signed by the director of genious Michel Gondry, which uses the same technics of video projection:

The White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

. Displacements

The Book of Sleep

SquareAmerica release a 3 pages vintage photos gallery of seople sleeping

Source: SwissMiss
. SquareAmerica

The BPA feat David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal - Toejam

Which the problem of Image censors, who have probably never seen their mothers out of the shower and blocking access to exelents video clip as "Gobbledigook" from Sigur Ros, The BPA (Brighton Port Authority) find a funny way.

. The BPA

The Books - Tokyo

This song appears on The Books album "The Lemon of Pink", 2003.

. The Books

Nude by James Houston

"Artist James Houston was somewhat frustrated with Radiohead’s Nude Remix contest, as he put it, “Nude is in 6/8 timing, and 63bpm. Most music that’s played in clubs is around 120bpm and usually 4/4 timing.” So he went an entirely different route, drawing inspiration from the lyrics and alternate title, Big Ideas: Don’t Get Any. From that he recreated the song using some really weird shit, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, an Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer, a HP Scanjet 3c, and a Hard Drive array, turning these weird odds and ends into his instruments."
_Taken from Bobby

Source: KitsuneNoir
. James Houston

Mick Turner & Tren Brothers - Angel #1

Music video from "Blue Trees" by Mick Turner & Tren Brothers.
Photographed & directed by Cam Archer.

. Mick Turner

Jonathan Leder

The fashion photographer Jonathan Leder was born and raised in New York City during the 70's.
You can find more polaroid and also some 35mm pics on his web gallery.

. Jonathan Leder

The Treachery of Scrimmages

by Jason Matthew Lee

Jason Matthew Lee, a student living in NYC, makes digital collages from images sourced on-line.
"The Treachery of Scrimmages is a bizarre narrative exploring the intersection of historical art imagery and the ubiquitous visual language of the internet."
You can find this book at Tiny Vices Books and also some photos from the artist just here.

. Jason Matthew Lee

Viva Calaca!!

Viva Calaca!! is an animation signed Ritxi Ostáriz wich looks like a tribute to the traditional Mexican Dia de los muertos.

. Viva Calaca!!
. Ritxi Ostáriz

Bo Diddley

Born on December 30, 1928 in McComb, Mississippi, the singer-songwriter and guitarist Bo Diddley (his real name Ellas McDaniel) is one of the most famous interpreters of early rock and was reputed to have influenced all the world's greatest. He recorded for the legendary label Chess blues under the name Bo Diddley (name probably derives from diddley bow, primitive guitar to a rope used in the Mississippi Delta).

The guitarist passed away Monday at 79 years at his home in Archer, Florida.

. Bo Diddley