Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror / Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof extended & unrated out now in DVD.
These one release adds an extra 30 minutes of footage including the "Missing Reel" lapdance, and also throws in several extras, including featurettes on Zoe Bell, Kurt Russell's awesome Stuntman Mike and editor Sally Menke.

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Classic 70's Grindhouse Trailers:

Puma Re-Bike

"PUMA Re-Bike is a brand new program we launched this summer as part of our partnership with the Bicycle Film Festival. We've called upon a few of our magazine friends to create a bike depicting their magazine's personality. But as always, there's a catch: PUMA gave them $200 to make a bike, which could only be made with recycled bicycle parts. All of the bikes will travel to the North American destinations for the Bicycle Film Festival and be on display as part of the PUMA Re-Bike gallery at the theatres."

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Urban MotoCross

TrialX : Born since 3 years, the freestyle version of Trial moto ways out julien dupont’ s imagination... This bike, light, tractable and silencer give one a big accessibility.
Here the new video in Lyon's streets, in France.

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