Sang Bleu II

Yesterday i received my copy of the tattoo book 2nd edition Sang Bleu.
Maxime Buechi from Lausanne delivers us a book full of photographs and quality staggering.
This 340 pages issue printed in 2000 copies reveals an aspect of the tattoo really diferent than classic magazines with their mozaïque of tiny macro photos... Here it's really an highlight on this art and this culture with beautiful full-page photos and an assortment of paper in different gramage according to the theme.
In short, a book to have for tattoo and photo lovers.

The next issue is coming out in September 2008.

. Sang Bleu

The Infinite Library

a project by Daniel Gustav Cramer and Haris Epaminonda

"The book objects (...) are each made from pages of existing books removed from their bindings and rebound as one. Some of these series loosely relate to each other via a third element: geometrical shapes abstracted from the images, computer-edited, and overprinted on the originals. The disparate image stocks become intertwined and open on one another. Having transcended any thematic organization, the loose pages now have the potential to amalgamate into an infinite number of new books. In so doing, they yield a library that defies conventional categorization."
_ Taken from Dominikus Müller

. The Infinite Library
. Daniel Gustav Cramer
. Haris Epaminonda