Reebok Voltron Pack & Toys

Reebok release the "Voltron pack" of five sneakers. Each sneaker comes in a box with them the matching toy. All five toys can then actually be assembled into one big robot.

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Diana+ re-issue

"Fans of Lomography will be excited to hear about the Diana+, a faithful reproduction of the plastic 120 camera made by the Great Wall Plastics Factory in the 1960s. At the time they were originally produced, the Diana was priced at only about $1 but still failed to be a mainstream commercial success and was often a free-with-purchase giveaway. With time the camera gained a cult following and became an artistic tool of avant-garde and lo-fi photographers."

Source: CoolHunting
. Diana+


Adult Swim's new pilot takes place in the most violent prison complex in the universe. Created by Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick and Ben Gruber, "Superjail" is set to debut in 2008.