Og De Souza

This brazilian skater can't use his legs because they never developed when he was a kid so he has managed to skate only with his hands.

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The Polaroid Kid

Mike Brodie aka The Polaroid Kidd is a self-trained American photographer from Pensacola, Florida.
At 18 he left home to travel the rails across America with a camera given by a friend of him.
I advise you to read a complete interview here.

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Urban Jungle

"Zoo York enlisted the help of Mark Owen and Matt Owen to design six new decks for their artist series. The six boards represent the socio-cultural realms of Literature, Architecture, The Arts, Transit, Food and Tourism. Together the series encompasses New York’s Urbane Jungle."

Source: AthleticsNYC via MashKulture

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Foals - Red socks pugie

Video clip from "Antidotes" by UK-based band Foals.

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