Xvlf x SplashZone

Get the freshest SplashZone wallpaper realised by the typographer Xvlf, from JeanSpezial.

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. Xvlf

Dancing time part.1

The Bird and the Bee - Polite Dance Song
Directed by Eric Wareheim

Tim and Eric - Sit On You

Kool Aid x Reebok

Reebok presents a complete apparel line x Kool Aid: Fitted caps, hoodies as well as t-shirts, all coming in matching colors to the sneakers and with the smiley face.

Source: HighSnobiety

. Kool Aid x Reebok

Hairy All Over

Wow! THIS IS an all over!
View on Uncle Geez's blog.

Source: Uncle Geez

GoodBye BK

LastNightsParty release on his famous website a serie of argentic photos in a 35MM format "GoodBye BK". The theme remains the same and the pictures are really great.

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. LastNightsParty

M.I.A. - Paper planes

Discover the M.I.A.'s clip "Paper Planes" from her latest album "Kala", which uses a sample of "Straight to Hell" by The Clash, children's choirs and raised over noise revolvers.
With bonus, the great presence of the Beastie Boys... Directory signed Bernard Gourley.

. M.I.A.

HeartsRevolution - C.Y.O.A

Directed by Jean Demery & Bastien Lattanzio.

. HeartsRevolution

Time Machine feat Greg Nice - The Unfortunate Twist

Here "The Unfortunate Twist" music video by the three DJs from Rhode Island, featuring Greg Nice.
Director/animator: David Whittle.

. Time Machine

Jason Dill

Jason Dill part for the Habitat video, "Mosaic".

Spoon - Way we get by
Spoon - Someone something

Iraq war graffiti

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Source: Frank151

The cool Hot Rod - 1953





There were five days, we were talking about an exhibition organized by Brad Troemel and ten other artists in Chicago.
March 8, the talented young photographer will present his first solo exhibition at Reuben Kincaid, NYC.

Reuben Kincaid
3219 South Morgan St/ NYC

. Brad Troemel

Flux wear summer 2008

The spanish graffiti trade Flux, presents the summer 2008 collection.
Now available on the online store.

. Flux wear

Dr Dog - Alaska

Dr Dog music video "Alaska" from the album "We All Belong", directed by Albert Birney.

. Dr Dog

John Whitney "Catalog" 1961

"John Whitney's demo reel of work created with his analog
computer/film camera magic machine he built from a
WWII anti-aircraft gun sight. Also Whitney and the techniques
he developed with this machine were what inspired Douglas
Trumbull (special fx wizard) to use the slit scan technique
on 2001: A Space Odyssey."

. John Whitney

Feist - I feel it all

New Feist' music video "I feel it all", directed by Patrick Daughters.

. Feist

JeanClode x Radio Nova

Here is the contribution from the French collective JeanClode for Radio NOVA' latest publicity campaign, orchestrated by Young and Rubicam, Gerard Huez and Jean Francois Bouchet.
The concept was to make illustrations for the central sticker mounted on a true vynil, then shooted by Roger Turquetti.

Take enjoy of this amazing artwork !

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. JeanClode
. Radio NOVA

Satin Satan Gallery

Since January 19th 2008, Brad Troemel organised an exhibition with 10 others worldwide photographers in "Satin Satan Gallery" Chicago, Illinois.
Here some sample from his personal work, simple and refined..

Upper left picture by Jason Lazarus

. Brad Troemel

Morcheeba - Enjoy The Ride

The brand new video directed by Joel Trussell for "Enjoy The Ride", the first single from Morcheeba's brand new album "Dive Deep".

. Morcheeba

Pacific Division - F.A.T. Boys '08

New music video directed by Ethan Lader for Pacific Division, "F.A.T. Boys '08".

. Pacific Division

Jackpot - Soiled Mattress and the Springs

Video for "Jackpot" on new Soiled Mattress and the Springs album "Honk Honk Bonk!"

Source: NYGlob

GLC - Honor Me

New GLC video clip for the fresh theme "Honor Me".


B&B Barcelona winter 2008

. Bread & Butter

Frank "Sugarchile" Robinson

The history of 20th century entertainment is littered with child prodigies and "Sugarchile" is clearly one of them.
Born Frankie Robinson, the youngest of six children, in Detroit in 1940, "Sugar Chile" began pounding on the family piano as a toddler.

Ready to be Uffed?

Saturday evening occurred in Barcelona, Uffie from Ed Banger.
25-minute show, including 10 with a microphone off, for 20$ ... And then?

People in Order

"People in Order's Age is part of a series of short films that assembles the people of Britain in a given order. In just 3 minutes, we meet 100 different people who are arranged according to their age, starting from age 1."

. Portable Film Festival

Legends Of Rap

. Legends of Rap makes a tribute of all the pioneer of Hip-Hop, in a classic trading-card deck with 32 cards.
All the figures from the early days are represented in amazing illustrations!

. Legends of Rap

Trace de rouge à lèvres

"Trace de rouge à lèvres shows the everyday life of 12 graffiti writers. Consciously, and therewith in contrast to usual graffiti publications, it uses the peculiar medium of Polaroid.
The idea was to send a Polaroid camera and about one hundred Polaroid photos to graffiti writers of different nationalities, with the task to shoot their everyday life, and to give them complete freedom in the choice of the motifs. It surely is this kind of freedom which makes this book so special, but also the fact that all these unpublished photos were made especially for the book..."

Source: XG press
. Trace de rouge à lèvres
. ColorsZoo.