Gemma Booth

Here some samples of Gemma Booth's photography.
You can see more on her website and/or visit her blog.

. Gemma Booth

Springtime for Hitler

From the movie "The Producers" by Mel Brooks.

Unloveable Book

"This book covers the past five years of the New York City downtown creative community. Things remembered and things forgotten. The collection of photographs is book ended by Kai Regan (and Aaron Bondaroff's Community) movie theater photographs. It was that collaboration which inspired this book, embracing the collective spirit of the "Off, Off Bowery."

Kai Regan teamed with Tony Arcabascio to help create and curate this book, with brief narratives and snapshots from the community over the past five years. "Unloveable" was printed to commemorate the "Off, Off Bowery" show curated by Aaron Bonderoff and Jen Brill at Colette on Sept 29 2008, and is filled with imagery of incredibly talented, creative, and unique individuals. The people who strive to make the most of every moment. Or not."

. Unloveable