This Is England

"Its 1983 and school is out. Twelve-year-old Shaun is a lonely boy growing up in a grim coastal town in northern England, whose father died fighting in the Falklands War. Over the course of the summer holiday he befriends a group of local skinheads. With his pent-up rage and frustration, Shaun finds exactly what he needs in the gangmischief, mayhem and brotherhood. He also meets the volatile and boorish Combo, an older skinhead who sees himself in Shaun. Adopting Shaun as his protégé, Combo leads the gang down a hate spewing path that culminates in an irreversible act of violence."

. This Is England
Directed by Shane Meadows

Cody Hudson x Refill 7

Cody Hudson aka Struggle Inc. from Chicago, shom his new laser burned deck from the Refill Seven show in Austrailia.

. Cody Hudson
. Refill Seven

Supreme Dunks and Vandals for Ladies

Nike presents their new one piece Supreme Dunks and Vandals low for womens, all patent leather with polka holes.
Bad news guys!

Info: NiceKicks
. Nike