Welfare Photography Exhibition

SKATE STYLES takes a look at the diversity of visual expressions found in the world of skateboarding… From punk to hip hop to everything in between, or the simply undefinable, we’ll get a bit of it all! The show will take place in the foyer of the new entrance to the Bright, making sure that all people coming to the event will see it."

Alex Basile (ger, Bertrand Trichet (fr), Cracklens (ger), Benjamin Deberdt (fr), Jonathan Hay (usa), Pontus Alv (swe), Sergej Vutuc (ger), Jo Hempel (ger), Tuukka,, Kaila (fin), Nils Svensson (swe), Richard Gilligan (irl), Lev Maslov (ru), Stefan Marx (ger), Linus Bill (ch), Sebastien Charlot (fr), Anders Jander (swe), Thomas Gentsch (ger), Alan Maag (ch), Gerhard Stochl (ger), Nadine Elfenbein (ger), Yuri Shibuya (jpn), Alexis Zavialoff (ch), Tseou (uk)

27th-29th July Frankfurt, Germany

Source: Lodown

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