ANP Quarterly, issue 8

"Brendan Fowler sits down with cover star, writer/theorist/band-singer (Nation Of Ulysses, Make-Up, Weird War, Cupid Car Club)/talkshow host/historic character Ian Svenonius, while Aaron Rose has an in depth talk with New York artist Rita Ackerman about art, life, music, fashion and the power of youth. We travel to Topanga Canyon to interview legendary performance artist/sculptor/living-legend Chris Burden about his life’s work while Lisa Eisner shoots awesome photos of his studio. We also check in with photographer and publisher Sophie Morner, Ed Templeton writes on his favorite secret photo book shop in Paris, we hear from the beautifully damaged Soiled Mattress and The Springs, peek into Workshop Houston, take a look back at the amazing early ‘80s punk zine, No Mag, and give artist Josh Lazcano four pages to go nuts just for us. And you. And there’s more. But it’s inside the magazine."

. ANP Quarterly

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