I know where the summer goes

The New Yorker photographer Ryan McGinley presents its new exhibition "I know where the summer goes" at team gallery from April 3rd to May 3rd, 2008.

"The title of this exhibition, taken from an early B-side by Belle & Sebastian, is more than just a piece of poetic musing. McGinley does, in fact, know where his summers go. In the summer of 2007, for example, he traversed the United States with sixteen models and three assistants, shooting 4,000 rolls of film. From the resulting 150,000 photographs, he arduously narrowed down the body of work to some fifty images, the best of which are on display here at the gallery."

team gallery
03 april - 03 may 2008
Reception on Thursday April 3rd at 6:00PM

. Ryan McGinley
. team gallery
. I know where the summer goes

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